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Laughter Workshops of Bat shachar Weinfeld

Do you want to clear your head and laugh?

Let us release stress, renew energy, strengthen and empower your inner joy.

Laughter yoga workshop improves the health and upgrading the quality of life.

Laughter Yoga is wonderful for fun and develops social connections.

It's provide an important tool in preventing erosion, increasing energy and positive thinking on life.

This experience is experiential, liberating, exciting and mostly very funny, based on a unique method that combines laughter exercises without a reason (without using jokes, humor or comedy) and yogic breathing, release and complete relaxation.

And because it's a large group, the laughter becomes contagious.

These enable us to join easily and to feel the healing power of laughter to heal the body, mind and soul and bring people together through joy and love.

The method developed by Dr Kataria - Indian medical doctor in 1995.

The workshop combines social games and exercises of laughter, humor and silliness, movement and dance.

The meeting allows everyone to laugh at eye level and break out of the framework and boundaries. And of course, to acquire a significant tool to improve the quality of life.

The influence of the workshop, will continue long after the echoes of laughter from the meeting allayed.

Laughter advantages are: Improves immune system: After laughter there are more blood cells and antibodies that protect us from viruses, bacteria and cancer cells.

The brain releases endorphins, which relieve pain, and cause a great feeling.

While we laugh the diaphragm and abdominal muscles pleasantly massaging the abdominal organs and help digestion.

Laughter helps to lower stress, lower blood pressure, improves confidence and self-esteem, reduces shyness, and helps in the development of interpersonal relationships, creativity and improvisation.

After the laughter we're more relaxed, satisfied and patient.

I conduct laughter session threw zoom with groups of minimum 10 people. Cost for each 20 shekels for 20 minutes.

Bat shachar weinfeld is a teacher of Laughter Yoga, she has extensive experience in facilitating laughter workshops, and is a lecturer in courses to train instructors of "Laughter Yoga" by the International School of Laughter Yoga from 2005. She has

MA in neurobiology and a teaching certificate. She leads laughter Workshops on birthdays, with workers, unions, bachelorette parties, conferences, festivals and so on.

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